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This is my blog about creating art using photography and jewelry as my mediums. Also as a very involved Christian with Cowboys for Christ I am sure this blog will also be used to spread my beliefs.

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My first interest is to spread the Gospel. I enjoy the outdoors. My love for animals and nature are what drew me to Photography.

Tuesday, April 26, 2005

Working Girl

Hello to all.
I have been busy Mon. & Tues. Taking pictures of some of my new pieces. #786 is Aventurine, Green glass leaves & painted glass flowers.

#Vicki 3 is Blue Topaz, Aventurine, Chalcedony & an Ocean Jasper drop. TREE OF LIFE a signature piece is made of Yellow Quartz, Peridot w/gold leaves & Canary yellow colored Pearls. #778 Aquamarine Brioletts, ,Pink Pearls & Blue Topaz. C7N Malachite and dyed Hitite w/Horseshoe Nail cross, by "Honda John" Talkington.

Please feel free to look and check out the new items coming very soon.


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