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This is my blog about creating art using photography and jewelry as my mediums. Also as a very involved Christian with Cowboys for Christ I am sure this blog will also be used to spread my beliefs.

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My first interest is to spread the Gospel. I enjoy the outdoors. My love for animals and nature are what drew me to Photography.

Sunday, October 23, 2005


I am writing to complain about the SPCA of North TX. We have been complaining about two abandoned dogs that live next to us. One died a year ago of Heartworms, I think by the way he was coughing so badly. We have been asking the SPCA to do something to remove these dogs now for 10+ years. They are suppose to be investigating this situation. But the one dog is still there. Some times not having water and they do not feed this dog, we do. Even though the SPCA told us not to. If we didn't feed him he wouldn't eat. My compalint is that this is NOT a situation of a Puppy Mill so they don't get alot of coverage and BIG donations so they just sweep it under the rug. Well we are very upset about this and need to VENT. We will stay on this one until they remove the dog. The people have only taken the dog out of his area a total of ten times in this whole time. Any one else got a gripe? Thanks for listening.


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